Monday, 23 March 2015

Hello again!

Hello humans! It's been quite a while
since I posted anything, terribly sorry
about that! Things in my life have been
a little up in the air of late. I recently
moved back to the lovely city of
Edinburgh and have been looking for
work and creative opportunities. Here
are just a few of the things I have made/
painted/ drawn/ doodled since I last
posted on here. Hope you like them!

These are some more recent paintings.
The fish theme appears to continue 
unabated. I am hoping to get some oil
pieces done in the near future.

…and these are a few illustrations, including
my valentines card design for this year.

Hope you've enjoyed this wee inside into
my current, quite chaotic and very forgetful
psyche. I'm going to try and post things more
regularly from now on, so watch this space.

Christmas Advent 2014

Hello there! Though a little late, 
the festive season being well and
truly over - here is my collection
of advent illustrations from
Christmas last year. I also made
these into an actual flip page advent
calendar which took SO LONG to 
print and was a bit of a nightmare.
But it was all worth it in the end 
because they looked lovely and
were very popular. 

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I'm a freelance illustrator + artworker based in Edinburgh. I like to make funny, quirky and downright weird things.